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If you are a disc golf enthusiast, you will know the feeling you get when you get behind a real good drive. Your buddies all stare in aw as you watch the disc on its flight path, “nice drive” and pats on the back from
everybody. You walk down to find your disc 20 ft away from the basket “wow my first +300 ft drive” you are thinking, as you congratulate yourself and mark your lie. You pull a disc out of your bag, hopefully a
putter, line up and miss your putt. There is nothing more demoralizing in a game then having a
beautiful drive or upshot then stepping up and missing your short putt. Think of it this way, if the hole
is 350 ft and you have a beautiful 330 ft drive right at the basket and you are not consistent at making
20ft  putts, you may as well throw two 170ft drives, make your 10ft putt and save your arm. The point is
if you want to capitalize on those great drives you have to be consistent with short and medium range putts. Putting and practicing putting is probably one of the most overlooked part of the game by beginners.
There are many different styles of putting and depending on the level you play at you may use one or all
all styles. But involved in all these styles there are a few basic concepts. We will narrow it down to 4.
The grip: this is the placement of the disc in you hand in a comfortable way that is  conducive to the style
of putting you are using, The widely accepted style is will your index finger wrapped around the
bottom edge of the disc with the bottom edge of the disc resting on your first  knuckle joint. The rest
of the fingers are arranged to push the disc into the palm of your hand. Your disc should have a slightly
nose up position
The stance: There are many variations but the main thing is it should be a comfortable athletic
(knees bent and balanced) stance that allows for  the least amount of unneeded movement to preform
your putt, it should allow for a proper push from the legs, as this is where the power to get your disc
to the target should come from.
The aim: Generally this is done by picking a target to shoot at and focusing in on it. Quite often
players will focus in on a single link in the chains. Don’t spend to much time on this part as it is easy
to let your eyes wander by over focusing.
The execution: This is the mechanical part of the putt where you move your body in order to
propel the disc toward the basket. The last statement being way oversimplified and likely the most
important part of the putt is mainly achieved through Practice. Remember the pro’s always say
“practice like you play, and play like your practice”

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